Navigating ambitious founders towards their next big thing.

BUDETO generates ideas, sets up the founding team with vetted and balanced founders, finances the start of a company and provides ongoing support.

BUDETO is different from other Venture Studios.

Own Business Ideas

BUDETO comes up with validated own business ideas, often with pre-interests from VC investors.

Vetted Founders

Founders are properly selected by desired traits and affinities. They are real founders, no hired employees.

Hands-on Approach

BUDETO provides hands-on support to the startup team as a virtual co-founder. This level of support goes beyond that of a regular investor.


Studio Hands-on Approach

Studio provides founded companies with ongoing support until the Series-A round. This level of support is different from that of a standard investor. We are more like your hidden co-founder, always available to assist you.

Pre-investment Phase
Studio generates new ideas,
Establishes the founding team,
Pays for the demo creation and prepares materials and documents for investment,
Seeks investor pre-interests and prepares the founding team for presentations
Post-investment Phase

Studio provides startups with ongoing support at no cost, as their success is our shared success.

Strategic Guidance
Talent Search

Meet Our Founding Partners & Investors

Your Future Buddy

Petr Kovacik

Founding Partner

Entrepreneur and founder of and With 23 years of experience in the industry, he sold to British Secret Escapes in August 2017. After spending one year with KAYA VC, he founded BUDETO STUDIO in April 2023 to support super early-stage startups and their founders.

Developer → Entrepreneur

Serial Founder → M&A, Exits & Fail

VC Fund → Startup Studio

Backed By These Investors

Tomas Cupr

Tomas is a successful startup entrepreneur in the CEE region. He has founded and exited multiple startups and is currently scaling up Rohlik, which has become a unicorn. He is the driving force behind the investment group TCF Capital.

Zdenek Cendra

Zdenek, a highly successful entrepreneur, is the founder of CDN77,, and His infrastructure handles over half of the Czech Republic's internet and roughly 5% of the world's traffic.

Pavel Mucha

Pavel is a General Partner at KAYA VC, supporting early-stage CEE founders since 2011. He invests in consumer, healthcare, and energy experiences. He is also learning to play the piano.

Jan Krabec

Jan is a managing partner at in Prague with 17+ years of experience. He specializes in investment strategies, mergers and acquisitions, startups, and intellectual property.

Real Stories From Real People

honest question to ask

Are you the founder who wants to build the next unicorn?

High Ambition

Your aspiration is to build a unicorn company with scalable global potential.

No Idea or Early Stage

You either have no business idea in mind, or you have a very early-stage startup with no investors on board.

Full Dedication To One Idea

You are either ready to fully dedicate yourself to one company as a founder, or you are on your way there.